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I Don’t Speak Culchie…But It’s Damn Entertaining To Listen

12 Jul

I recently attended an aunt’s birthday party that doubled up as a general family reunion.

You know, one of those events where you recognise roughly 35% of the people in attendance and everyone sits outdoors around a patio heater (regardless of gale force winds) and drinks solidly for approximately 14 hours while an army of children, loaded with carbonated sugary beverages, swarms about making as much noise as possible?


Maybe that’s just my family.


Anyway, there were some choice quotes throughout the day. Unfortunately, due in equal part to the considerable volume of alcohol consumed and the absence of my laptop and even my notebook, most have been lost forever. However, I don’t think I could ever forget any of the following conversations:

In reference to a patio heater:

“Ya could burn rubbish and young fellas and all sorts in that thing.”

(Uttered with no apparent ill-will towards any young fellow in particular.)

In casual conversation:

Do ya know black Joey down in Letterfrack?”

(In fairness there are probably many Joeys and relatively few black people in Letterfrack.)

My 20-year-old cousin’s career plan:

“I’m thinkin of makin coffins. There’s only one fella does them round here and I reckon I could do them cheaper.”

(Simple but brilliant. I am in awe.)

Conversation between a small child and his mother:

“Mam, can we get a hamster?”

No lovey, those are too expensive. They cost, ahem, €150.

“No they don’t Mam, I saw one for €10.”

“That one was dead, lovey.”

(Uttered with such unflinching sincerity that even I believed her for a minute.)



Some of my Little Travels so Far

22 May

Serious lack of photographic content going on around here. I realise that words can get old very quickly. Bear with me.

This is from a flower market in Amsterdam. It was freezing cold (being cold is one of my least favourite things) but the flowers were very pretty and I got a chocolate crepe which made everything okay.

This is from Camden Town in London the first time I visited it and thought it was the coolest place in the world. I was very tired and probably hungover and it was starting to rain, but then I got a chocolate waffle which made everything okay (I honestly didn’t realise the link until I typed that just now).

This is  from the top of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. We had to queue for over two hours to get up there for ten minutes. There were no chocolate treats this time but the views were worth it.